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Scavenger Hunt

Bentley Award


Historic Perrysburg awards the Bentley Award annually to recognize individuals or organizations that have shown exemplary leadership in the areas of local historic preservation.  We welcome your nominations of members of our community that have advocated for the preservation and appreciation of local history and architecture. 


The purpose of the Bentley Award program is to increase public awareness of northwest Ohio heritage by recognizing individuals, organizations, businesses and agencies whose contributions demonstrate outstanding commitment to excellence in historic preservation, local history or promotion of the heritage of the community. In addition to public and private buildings and structures, historic preservation projects may include media, publications, presentations and exhibits, parks, burial grounds, public art, oral history, theater productions, events and video presentations. Any individual, group, organizations or agency involved in historic preservation or promoting northwest Ohio’s heritage is eligible to receive a Historic Preservation Bentley Award.


Historic Perrysburg was founded in 1977 to “cultivate an interest and awareness of the history and architecture of the Perrysburg are and to provide assistance in the preservation of old buildings and sites. The Bentley Award was presented for the first time in 2011 to Welch Publishing Company.  The award was presented to WGTE “Toledo Stories” in 2012 and to local history C. Robert Boyd in 2013


2015 Bentley Award Recipient Ted Ligibel


Hal Munger, Bentley Award Recipient Msgr. Marvin G. Borger, and HPI Board Member Joseph Klein.

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