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Built in the 1870s, the front of this house remained unchanged until about 1910. It sat for about 125 years at 89 Linden Lane, which was named Commercial Street originally, in one of the oldest parts of town. Over the years, the original open porch was screened and made into a wrap-around on the left side. Other additions were also made, especially in the rear. George LaFarree, a carpenter by trade, built the house, whose main feature was the delicate scrollwork on the porch posts. They are like flower stems arching out toward the top. 

In 1997, it was moved to the West Second Street location to make way for an expanded St. Rose Church parking lot. 

In the Linden Lane picture, Mrs. LaFarree is sitting on the steps of the porch between her daughters, Frances and Norine. A third daughter, Irene, is said to be the photographer.

The LaFarree House

523 West Second Street

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