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This large Tudor-style house at 76 Maple Street, designed by Armand Frank of Milwaukee and built by George R. Ford Sr. as a wedding present to his son, George Jr., is called one of the finest of its kind. The Tudor style was popular in America for some 50 years, ending in 1940.


False half-timbering with stucco walls is the most obvious feature of most Tudor architecture, including this one. The first floor walls are of brick.

George Ross Ford was the son of the founder of the  Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company. He eventually was president when the firm was still the Edward Ford Plate Glass Company and was later a vice-president and director of L-O-F. George Jr. was in management and a director of L-O-F, as well as being president and chairman of Rossford Savings Bank and a director of First National Bank of Toledo.

The George R. Ford, Jr. House

76 Maple St.

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